सोमवार, 26 सितंबर 2016

Red Fort
His capital from Agra to Delhi and then Tronsfred Shah Jahan in 1638 were lead Faundtions OF Shahjahanabad, the Seventh City of Delhi. IT The Anklosed B Rubble stone wall, with Bstions, Gates and wickets intervals so. Its Tablet Fourteen gates, were the Important Ones Hey Mori, Lahori, Ajmeri, Turkman, Kashmiri and Delhi gates, Which requires a Tablet Already even Demolised Bean. His famous citadel, the red-Kila, and the Red Fort, Lying therefore reverse the town's Northern & Yamuna and South Division of the Right Bank and the Slimgda, habitat Begun in 1639 and Kmpleted Nine Years After. Different from the Red Fort, Agra Fort and the Better Planned, therefore Bikoz Lies Its back was so Agra Experience Ganed B. Shah, and were believed Bikoz IT WORK OF ONE HAND. IT IS An irregular Octagon, with the East and West Two long sides s, and with me Two Gates, One S s were beyond the west end were South, called Lahori and Delhi Gates Respektiveli. While the Walls, gates and these were Struktures Fort Hey Kanstrkted OF A Few other Red Sandstone, Marble Palaces were laughing Bean Lrgeli Used in.